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Edward 'Eddie' Gwynne

1967 - 1969

Remember, at this time in the late 1960’s, the country and even the Town of Greenburgh was embroiled with civil unrest.  But born from the ashes was the Greenburgh Youth Center and Director Eddie Gwynne was responsible for ensuring youth had an outlet.

Theodore D. Young

1969 - 1993

A man that we all looked up to and the very facility bears his name. Executive Director Theodore D. Young arrived in 1969 and catapulted the Fairview section of the town to national prominence.  The very thought of having a breakfast in honor of a slain civil rights leader was leadership personified.  And to this day, a Dr. Martin Luther King Breakfast, which started in this Hilton facility in the early 70’s, has a presence throughout Westchester.  Now, where else can you find a state of the art facility located in the “hood” that later added and indoor pool to ensure the disenfranchised knew how to swim.  Executive Director Young still remains the longest serving leader of this great place and I strongly believe that record will take some to surpass.

Barbara Perry color 11x17.jpg

Barbara W. Perry

1993 - 2000

Barbara W. Perry just had that foresight and innate gift of advocacy through other leadership roles within the Community Center.  Barbara’s efforts resulted in the start of the Summer Jazz Series, facility expansion with the addition of the 2nd floor and overall growth in social services and other programs.  Prior to her departure, the successful transition to become a town department was complete and the Executive Director became the Commissioner of the Department of Community Resources.

Hopeton A. White

2001 - 2008

A young man by the name of Hopeton A. White was encouraged to join the team and ultimately became Commissioner.  This quiet humble man had an affinity for numbers and just having things in order.  The budget was his focus and Hopeton made sure that the numbers supported the good deeds that were taking place under the department.

Bill Carter close up_edited_edited.jpg

William L. Carter

2008 - 2016

Commissioner William L. Carter's life experiences were designed to help those along the way.  His love for jazz re-energized the summer production.  His love for youth was immeasurable.

The Cornerstone of Greenburgh

We see the magic, they had the vision!